Our class styles

Yoga can help to build strength, increase flexibility, and reduce stress and fatigue. It can benefit everyone of all ages regardless of level of fitness or body type. We offer a variety of styles to suit your needs.

Vinyasa Flow yoga

A dynamic flow practice moving the body with the breath. For adventurous beginners looking for a workout to more advanced students. Teachers will offer alternatives allowing you to work at your own level.

Slow flow yoga

Moving through a sequence of poses at a slower pace with the breath, to release any tension and encourage mindful movement. Everyone is welcome.

Energise yoga

A dynamic practice focusing on both alignment and breath. Poses will typically be held for a few breaths before moving into the next one. May also include some breathing practices.

Rest and restore yoga

A less active practice perfect for relaxing and reducing stress. Mostly floor based, poses will typically be held for longer periods of time allowing you to go deeper and restore your well-being. Everyone is welcome.

Yoga for beginners

Classes and courses for complete beginners to introduce the basic poses and breathing techniques. Classes will have restricted numbers to enable the teacher to have more interaction with students.

Yin yoga

Slow paced style targeting the deep connective tissue and stimulating energetic meridian lines in the body. Poses typically involve strong stretches and are held for longer periods of time enabling the mind and body to settle.

Anusara yoga

A creative flow style class grounded in bio-mechanical alignment principles and heart-focussed philosophy taking you into a deeper practice.


A practice focused on the core muscles and working with the breath. These mat-based classes strengthen and rehabilitate through a series of exercises and breathing techniques, allowing you to get a deeper connection with your body.

Move and Meditate

We will stretch out and move the body so that sitting becomes more comfortable. Then we will explore different styles of meditation to help settle the mind and reduce stress & anxiety. Beginner friendly.

Fusion yoga

A combination of flow & pause. Stillness and a deeply restorative practice nestled between dynamic bursts of breath led vinyasa. This class will evoke a sense of calm in both mind and body.

Rise and shine yoga

An awakening yoga class designed to stretch out and open up your body, energising you for the day ahead.

Yoga Nidra

A practice accessible to all. It shuts down all senses except hearing and promotes a deep sense of relaxation and restoration in the body and mind. Helpful for stress, anxiety, insomnia and quietens a chattering mind.

Yoga for back care

A practice with emphasis on breath and spinal integration. This class is gentle, whilst offering practical tools to support healthy postures through releasing, balancing, and strengthening with awareness and sensitivity. Suitable for all levels.

Gentle yoga

Classes created to be suitable for all, including those recovering from injury or illness. By flowing gently between poses there is plenty of time to move between them and make adjustments. You will not find too many poses in a class, the emphasis is on the breath to release tension and re-energise.

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