Day 10 – fidgeting

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The health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle are well publicised, but during the working day it can be often be impossible to take a movement break every 20 to 30 mins as is recommended.

Building movement into your day by fidgeting is much more achievable, burns calories and can significantly mitigate against the risks arising from prolonged periods at your desk. It is also thought to improve mood and ability to concentrate and reduce stress levels by occupying the part of the brain which is most liable to get distracted while you engage with routine tasks.

Any fidgeting will be beneficial, whether its stretching your arms above your head or out to the sides, raising and lowering your legs from the knee, shaking out the legs or arms, rotating ankles, wrists or shoulders, switching between standing and sitting.

Most of the yoga poses and exercises included within our directory can be done in a minute or less and could fit well into your fidgeting programme, but the following are particularly relevant and easy to fit in:



Fidgeting options





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Making a habit of it

Some people are more predisposed to fidget than others. If you are not a natural fidgeter it would be worth thinking about how you can associate fidgeting with specific tasks or situation, eg:

  • After pressing send on an email
  • After ending a phone call
  • During an online meeting (lower body only if you are on camera!)
  • While reading – onscreen or hard copy
  • After switching between seated and standing positions if you have a standing desk
  • After drinking a glass of water

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