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How can YoPO support your Employee wellbeing agenda?

YoPO provides resources to help desk workers and other people who spend much of their day sitting improve wellbeing through movement, mindfulness and lifestyle practices that are quick, easy, accessible and enjoyable and can be integrated into the working day.

YoPO resources are designed for the majority of employees who may not have significant health conditions but feel under par some or most days, may have minor aches and pains and who don’t feel that they have enough time to look after themselves properly. The practices offered are widely accessible and aim to improve feelings of wellbeing and where possible to prevent minor issues becoming significant problems.

As well as being linked to weight gain and multiple consequent health issues, too much sitting can cause musculoskeletal issues such as tension held in the neck and shoulders, stiffness and discomfort, poor posture, reduced flexibility and loss of strength in the major muscle groups. Poor posture when seated can also restrict breathing due to compression of the chest area.

Any of these factors can increase feelings of pressure and stress, and often when sitting and concentrating on work for too long we start to feel dull, flat, low in energy and out of touch with the effect on our bodies. We can become less motivated to do anything physically active which creates a vicious circle, and it can be easy for issues to build up under the radar.

Bringing even a small amount of movement into the working day can help to prevent the feeling of the body “setting” into position, by maintaining mobility in the joints and stretching and working the muscles. Regular use of the resources offered, including mindfulness and lifestyle practices can also  raise energy levels, lift the spirits, lower stress, reduce feelings of overwhelm and loss of control and improve sleep quality.

The wellbeing environment

Post pandemic, employee wellbeing is higher on the agenda than ever and more flexibility in the composition of wellbeing programmes may be needed to cater for different working patterns and work environments.

Compared to pre 2020, the employee may have greater flexibility on what hours they work and a greater level of autonomy over where and how they work. Performance indicators may be more results-oriented and time at desk/logged in less relevant, which provides more opportunity to the employee to take more regular breaks and to move and/or switch position for different activities.

The employee may be encouraged to discuss mental health or personal issues more freely, expectations regarding support from the employer may be higher and there may be more willingness to switch jobs to improve wellbeing. All of which provides challenges for the employer and opportunities for continual evolution of their wellbeing programmes.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Busy People

Pricing and charging options

Access to YoPO content for your employees can be provided via monthly or annual subscriptions.

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