Wellbeing at the desk and beyond. Movement, mindfulness and lifestyle for busy people

We provide resources for programmes which help to support the physical and mental wellbeing of desk based workers, including

Simple practices that can be integrated into the day and take minimal time

Many of the suggestions can be followed at or near the desk in a minute or less and can be easily built onto existing routines e.g.
while waiting for a computer to reboot, a kettle to boil or a document to print or after
ending a difficult phone call.

Sample our Sequences...

A short seasonal sequence to refresh the body and lift energy levels
15 mins
Ideas for bringing short sessions of light activity into a sedentary working day
10 mins
A quick sequence to reduce feelings of stress or pressure
10 mins

Providing wellbeing programmes for employees who are...

Static for many hours a day?

Feeling stiff and achy?

Feeling frazzled?

Suffering from tech neck?

Out of touch with their body?

Lacking motivation?

Feeling dull and flat?

Continually rushing?

Putting themselves last?

YoPO helps!

Regular use of YoPO resources will help the employee build a toolkit to manage physical niggles and stress levels and to improve resilience, energy levels and motivation.

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