movement and mindfulness for people with no time

We bring yoga inspired movement and mindfulness practices to busy people in a way that fits seamlessly into daily lives and supports physical and mental wellbeing.

Get started and refuel your body and mind

All of our exercises are designed to be easy, accessible and enjoyable. You don’t need any special equipment (not even a yoga mat)

Try our Sequences...

A quick sequence to reduce feelings of stress or pressure
10 mins
A short sequence to do outside in the garden, park or on the beach
15 mins
A short sequence to lift the spirits when you are stuck indoors, or when you feel stuck creatively
10 mins

Are you...

Static for many hours a day?

Feeling stiff and achy?

Feeling frazzled?

Suffering from tech neck?

Out of touch with your body?

Lacking motivation?

Feeling dull and flat?

Continually rushing?

Putting yourself last?

YoPO helps!

Build strength and flexibility, increase comfort in the body and feel better with our pick and mix movement and mindfulness resources. Our practices are quick, simple, accessible, effective and many can be done in less than a minute. Try us today.

Hey there!

Come on in...

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