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What can YoPO do for me?

YoPO provides quick, easy and accessible movement, mindfulness and lifestyle practices to support your wellbeing if you are busy, don’t move much during your working day and don’t have much time to look after yourself. Much of our content is yoga inspired, but it doesn’t require any yoga experience or any interest in the spiritual aspects of yoga.

Short movement and mindfulness sessions, even as little as one minute can, with repeated practice, produce meaningful physical and mental benefits, increase your comfort in daily life and improve your physical condition for other activities.

We recommend that you start by trying something that appeals, focus on it for a short time and see whether it changes the way that you feel. Over time you will build up a resource bank of options to draw on in different circumstances.

What benefits I should expect?

Physical health and wellbeing:

Reduction in aches, pains and niggles – particularly neck, back and shoulder issues that can cause problems for people who sit still for a lot of their working day. 

Improvement in flexibility – stretching exercises help to reduce the risk of injury when running, playing sports or being active in daily life and twisting exercises help to keep the back mobile 

Improvement in general fitness – the more active exercises act as a mini workout, building heat, increasing the heart rate and improving muscle tone

Improvement to posture – exercises focusing on the back and the core increase focus on body alignment and can improve habitual ways of standing and sitting

Building muscle strength – weight bearing poses help to build strength in a similar way to working with weights in the gym

Improvement to balance – balancing exercises have multiple health benefits including strengthening the core and improving muscular reaction time, which reduce the risk of injury by falling

Mental health and wellbeing:

Improvement in your mood – you may feel happier, more optimistic, and more motivated after some simple movement or after following one of our lifestyle tips

Improvement in energy levels – short breaks for movement or a wellbeing practice can increase energy and give added zest for life

Better focus and concentration – mindful movement or other mindfulness practices can help you to stay in the moment

Reduced stress – mindfulness practices including breathing practices encourage slowing down the breath and calming the mind. Moving and stretching can reduce physical tension.

Improvement in sleep – especially when building relaxing practices into your daily routine

How do I decide what to do?

Our content can be used in different ways to best suit your circumstances and your physical and mental needs. Each type of content can be filtered to help you to find what will suit you best:

  • Our poses can be filtered by Body Focus (physical benefit) or Feeling focus (mental benefit) and if applicable by body area. Each will take a minute or less. Bookmark your favourites so you can come back to them
  • Our practices include sequences combining a number of poses and sometimes lifestyle recommendations, short videos that can be used for guided practices, plus resources for breathwork and eye exercises.
  • Our lifestyle content includes ideas for short actions or activities that you can fit into a short break to help improve your wellbeing
  • Our courses provide structured content relating to different wellbeing themes to allow you to explore practices to support particular needs in more depth

How should I get prepared?

All of our poses and practices can be practised wherever is convenient, without any special equipment and wearing normal clothing. Some activities may invite you to briefly step outside.

How can I get into good habits to support my wellbeing?

We recommend that you take some time experimenting with different practices to work out which benefit you most and where you would like to focus your attention.

We recommend that where possible you adapt your daily routines to include the practices that you want to do regularly for instance:

  • Stretch your body before sitting down at the desk
  • Sprinkle simple movements and/or mindfulness moments into your working day eg while waiting for a document to load, after completing a task or before a meeting
  • Get moving during your lunch break, even if only for 5 minutes, making sure that you use your legs if you’ve been sitting down
  • Build in a slot to move the body and calm the mind after work to create a transition between work and home activities – particularly if you are working from home
  • Build in a short breathing/meditation practice at times when you have a little slot of quiet time at home or work


Remember – every minute that you spend taking care of yourself helps, so get started today! 

Pricing and charging options

Access to YoPO content for your employees can be provided via monthly or annual subscriptions.

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