Day 4 – happy hips

Theme – looking after your hips    

Too much time sitting results in the hips being held in one position for prolonged periods, with the thighs at an approximate right angle to the body and the knees pointing forwards. This means that the muscles at the front of the body responsible for raising the legs may become shortened and the range of rotational movement available at the hip joints may be reduced. Ultimately this can adversely affect everyday movements such as walking, getting in and out of the car, moving into a standing position from sitting as well as fitness for your preferred sport or form of exercise.

Day 4 practices include some stretching and movement options and a short video sequence



Stretches and movements for hips  

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Yoga flow

This short sequence is based around Warrior 2 pose. It should be accessible to people with no yoga experience and  gently work the legs and feet as well as opening the hips and chest and getting the body out of the chair shape.


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Making a habit of it

Try to build one or more of the stretches or movements for hips into your routine, when you can, for example:

  • Some standing stretches and lunges as part of your morning routine
  • A quick yoga flow at lunchtime
  • Supine leg lifts and/or pigeon pose at the end of the working day
  • Wide legs up wall as part of your evening relaxation routine

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