Day 6 – upper body strength

Theme – strengthening the arms, chest and shoulders

Desk based work is associated with the muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders being under used. This can lead to weakening so that normal activities such as carrying shopping or lifting a child become more difficult.

Day 6 practices include strengthening movement options and a short video sequence

You may have a gym based or at home weight training or resistance training programme which includes targeting the upper body, or a daily press-ups habit. The following exercises can add to or your current routines, substitute for them on days where your usual routines are disrupted or when you need variety, or be used in their own right to improve upper body strength.





Strengthening poses and movements for the upper body

Dolphin pose, plank or downward facing dog can either be held static or can be combined into movements as shown. Time the length of the static hold or the length of time that you can sustain the movement  for.

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Yoga flow

A short practice at the wall which as well as opening the shoulders, hips and hamstrings., offers accessible options for an inversion bearing weight on the hands.

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Making a habit of it

Try to build one or more of the poses or movements for the upper body into your routine, when you can, for example:

  • A few dolphin to childs pose or down dog to plank exercises as part of your morning routine
  • Try a downwards facing dog against the wall followed by an L-shaped handstand (as shown in the video) for a quick pick-me-up desk break
  • Practice plank pose with alternate leg and arm lifts as part of your transition routine after work and before starting your evening

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