Day 9 – releasing eye tension

Theme – eye exercises

Eye strain, or a feeling of soreness and tiredness in the eyes is common at the end of a day at the desk, particularly when long periods have been spent concentrating on a screen or reading hard copy material, as this can result in the muscles which move the eye and which facilitate distant and near focus being held in a fixed position. Feelings of stress can also manifest in changes in facial expression (eg frowning) which may involve the muscles around the eye.


Breathing patterns

Practicing the following exercises can help to offset eye strain and keep the muscles around the eyes mobile. They can be followed up by neck stretches or rotations and shoulder rolls to help to reduce the risk of headaches.

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Making a habit of it

If your day involves concentrating on a screen or paper a fixed distance away from you, regular mini breaks for eye exercises will be beneficial. Either make a habit of eye exercises when switching from one task to the next, or note  how long it takes for your eyes to start feeling the strain and set an alarm accordingly to remind you to take a break.

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