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Antidote to sitting

A series of stretches and movements to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting
15 mins

Core care

A quick sequence to engage and activate your core
10 mins

Daily dozen

Twelve practices to be done daily, either all in one session or spread through the day
10 mins

Element sequence – Fire

A sequence to help you feel dynamic and more motivated
10 mins

Five minute workout

A quick full body workout sequence
5 mins

Get going

A short sequence to open up the body and build a little energy before you start your day
5 mins

Move outside

A short sequence to do outside in the garden, park or on the beach
15 mins

Quick lift

A quick sequence to give you a lift when you’re feeling dull and sluggish
10 mins

Spring in the air

A short seasonal sequence to refresh the body and lift energy levels
15 mins

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